Dreaming about the Future

May 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello all! We are absolutely loving Argentina and all of the wonderful people we have met! We have been VERY busy the last week and it has made it really hard to find time to blog about our experiences, but we want to share it all with you, so please stay tuned!

We have been teaching at Mary O. Graham school in San Juan, and it has been a pleasure! The structure of school is much different in Argentina, and it has taken some getting used to for us all, but we have loved our time there.

For one of our lessons, my partner Alex and I taught about dreams. We asked about the students’ dreams for the future. It was so sweet to hear their answers! After talking about their dreams, they each got a quilt square for them to draw pictures of their dreams. The kids did so well with this lesson! When we go back to Winona, we are going to sew the squares into a quilt, and do the same project with students in Winona. We are planning to send the Winona quilt back to Mary O. Graham school so that the students can see the dreams of other students as well!

Two female students smiling and holding a quilt square with a pictures of a classroom drawn on it.

Two of our students showing off their work about their dreams of becoming teachers!

Yesterday was our last day to visit the school and say goodbye to all of our students. They were just as hospitable as the day we arrived, and we are all so thankful for this experience! We will miss them very much!

Morgan Brown

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